The Target Display

An indicator of the information on each monster or the people clicking.
players monsters Name life energy (HP) job Strength Job Level Name

The mini map

     very top you will be shown the area where you're currently "here Grassland" Below are the coordinates where are chatting. They are as long and latitude thus given X & Y includes the actual card / yellow arrow are you / green = Party participants / yellow dot = other player / red dot = Monster + and - to zoom in
The red light under the picture shows the vitality of the animal. Please note , the particular animal or monster is what you have chosen is always highlighted in yellow.     

party window

     Here you the player are displayed with which you are in a party. The two displays give you information about their current life energy and magic When the face of the player is suddenly blue in your party, it means that he is no longer within your reach and you can not get any points from him.     

Server Stats
Players Online : 13 / 1000
  • LoginServer : Online
  • GameServer : Online

    • Cap 130
    • CH & EU
    • Tradegoods Enabled
    • Magic-Pop Enabled
    • Max-Plus 12
    • Capture Flag Event Enbaled
    • Battle-Arena Enbaled
    • PC (HWID) 8
    • Union Limit 8
    • Guild Limit 50
    • Filter : Navi

  • Races EU & CH
  • Europe 2 Build.
  • Chinese 3 Build.
  • Npc Town | Bgdhad.
  • Guild Start Level | 1.

  • Server Time
      • Time:
      • Fortress:
      • Fortress War: EveryWeek
      • CTF:

    Fortress War
      Jangan Fortress: TurkiYeM

    Latest 10 Unique Kills

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        Althea has killed Tiger Girl

        B6 has killed Lord Yarkan

        Althea has killed Tiger Girl